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06 July 2009 @ 02:56 pm
YES. /happy dance

WIPs anyone? Feel free to snag the plot bunnies/excerpts if they say that they are up for grabs.

Big Bang
Title; N/A
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Seungri, G-Ri
Type of WIP; Blurb
Up for grabs; Yes
thousands of girls become instantly jealousCollapse )

Big Bang
Title; Icecream and Pink Cars
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Seungri, G-Ri
Type of WIP; Plot outline, drabble
Up for grabs; Yes
they both held onCollapse )

Big Bang
Title; Why The 'Dirty Cash' Music Video was Ridiculous
Pairing(s); OT5
Type of WIP; blurb
Up for grabs; Yes
buahaha. lilith has problems for even thinking of this.Collapse )

Big Bang, DBSK, 2PM, SHINee, Super Junior LOLWUT.
Title; Forever or Never
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Taemin, Junsu(2PM)/Changmin
Type of WIP; Almost complete prologue
Up for grabs; Not really, unless you have some good ideas. Cause I'm sure I can spruce this up (a lot) and change the fandom and make it better. LOLZ.
his fingers were tapping silently on taemin's thigh. jiyong exchanged looks with junsu, silently trying to communicate and failing miserably.Collapse )

Big Bang
Title; Until Whenever
Pairing(s); Seunghyun/Seungri, Tori
Type of WIP; Plot outline. Drabble.
Up for grabs; Yes
i'll be here for you, until wheneverCollapse )

Big Bang
Title; 暴风雨 (Bao Feng Yu - Storm)
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Seunghyun, G-Top
Type of WIP; Entire beginning
Up for grabs; Yes
his pink leopard leggings (to match the bright purple coat, he claims) are stretched to their limitCollapse )

Super Junior
Title; N/A
Pairing(s); Kyuhyun/idek
Type of WIP; Blurb
Up for grabs; Yes
only fifteen foreverCollapse )
Big Bang
Title; N/A
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Seungri, G-Ri (LOL. Can you see my first fandom pairing?)
Type of WIP; Blurb
Up for grabs; Yes
when he asks you if you're drunk and slips an arm around your waist, you lieCollapse )

Big Bang
Title; Strong Baby
Pairing(s); Jiyong/Seungri, G-Ri
Type of WIP; 50 Sentence prompttypething, but with the Strong Baby lyrics
Up for grabs; Yes
this is a pathetic excuse for a cutCollapse )

Comment about these? Ideas? Want to steal/mess with any of them?
Notice how I only have Super Junior one? Lawl. That's my SuJu1OO fail for you.
21 June 2009 @ 11:15 pm
{OO6} Burn;; as if nothing's wrong

Title: As If Nothing’s Wrong
Pairing: Heechul/Yesung
Words: 31o
Dates: o9.13.o6 – o9.21.o6
Prompt: .oo6 Burn


Thanks to
Lady Gaga,
Chung Lim

Tux - I'm especially interested to see what you think. Thank you and ilysfm.


This is only my second story, guys.
Be easy on me~~ 



suddenly it's inkigayo and white outfits that make them look like gods and it's you and ohh.Collapse )
21 June 2009 @ 11:04 pm
xx` hey there.

Welcome to lolliipopbliss! 
This is a community for sweetlollipop to drop off her stories and poems and things of the such.

You are welcome to take a look around~
This is not a members only community.
I want as many people to read my fanfictions as possible!

About me and my stories:

- I don't have betas because my spelling is not that bad.
        Having my grammar checked would be worthless because my stories rarely follow proper English.
- I don't do well with criticism. I know this. If I ever sound offended, ignore me.
        This community is here to get criticism. Critique away!
- I'm working to get better at writing. I love writing and really want to improve.

Comment here if you have any questions.
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