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24 August 2009 @ 07:32 pm
椅子 (Yi Zi) The Chair
Kibum / Kimbum, G, curiousity
Kibum is not-so-curious about his new roommate. All he cares about is the sudden appearance of tea cups, potted plants and a large leather chair that have invaded his life.

`*INSPIRED BY; suju_fridge’s Kiss of the Muse and 100_situations’s prompt number 93.

`*DEDICATED TO; mercilouslia for forcing me to post this, even though it is the worst thing I have written in months.

he doodles fireflies and peacocks in the margins of his textbook when he gets distracted.Collapse )
20 August 2009 @ 09:59 pm
100_situations is where I got the prompt table.
I didn't sign up for it because I would like to do more than one pairing.
So, cool.

001.Finger 002.Bad 003.Intelligence 004.Announce 005.Day
006.Murder 007.Sad 008.Plan 009.Ill 010.Secret
011.Behind 012.Want 013.Stranded 014.Wealthy 015.Marriage
016.Affected 017.Long Hours 018.Worthy 019.Sinful 020.Obvious
021.Caught 022.Splatter 023.Flight 024.Slip 025.Escape
026.Honor 027.Ashamed 028.Attentive 029.Motivated 030.Grovel
031.Swear 032.Shoot 033.Switch 034.Promise 035.Crawl
036.Hell 037.Grin 038.Hug 039.Burn 040.Kiss
041.Mute 042.Suffocate 043.Punch 044.Exile 045.Plead
046.Strong 047.Defenseless 048.Discover 049.Action 050.Sport
051.Memorable 052.Die 053.Missing 054.Luck 055.Rescue
056.Abort 057.Possessed 058.Graveyard 059.Trail 060.Walk
061.Plunge 062.Jump 063.Self-conscious 064.Suspicious 065.Mistake
066.Complicated 067.Black Out 068.Reveal 069.Grotesque 070.Swim
071.Resign 072.Nonsense 073.Declare 074.Corrupt 075.Wrong
076.Right 077.Administer 078.Embrace 079.Argue 080.Lose
081.Monster 082.Hit 083.Build 084.Destroy 085.Breathe
086.Assist 087.Stab 088.Bite 089.Hunger 090.Passage
091.Drama 092.Haunted 093.Crisis 094.Dirty 095.Emotional
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.
12 July 2009 @ 10:45 pm
Title; 8282
Pairing; Siwon/Ryeowook
Rating; G
Genre; General, Fluff
Words; 420
SuJu 1OO prompt; O31 (Midnight Walks)
SHINee prompt generator (I cheat?); Shoot you into my bloodstream
Summary; Ryeowook thinks of smiles, shrink rays, and Siwon.

Thanks to;
Dong Bang,
and especially Utada Hikaru.

someday, aliens will come and abduct him because he looks just like them and force him to sing them nursery rhymesCollapse )
why: nnot good at all
what: The Parent Trap